Eminem's Daughter Hailie Jade Mathers Looks Just Like Jenna Marbles

Hailie Jade Mathers' Halloween costume has been garnering a ton of attention this week, including fans realizing how similar she looks to YouTube personality Jenna Marbles. When Mathers, the daughter of hip-hop icon Eminem, dressed up as Ariana Grande for the year's spooky celebrations, and many people loved how she was able to imitate the "thank u, next" singer's style. However, many realized just how much Mathers, 23, looks like Marbles, the 33-year-old YouTuber who has amassed a subscriber base of 20 million.

Once the photos of the festive outfit made their way around social media, many spoke up with the comparison to the video star, who's behind viral videos such as "What Girls Do In The Car" and "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking."

"Why does Eminem's daughter dressed as Ariana look exactly like [Jenna Marbles]??" one Twitter user wrote.

A second chimed in, writing "You telling me this is NOT JENNA MARBLES???"

Another added, "So you're telling me this ain't Jenna marbles?"

Yet another wrote, "[Oh my God] i thought this was [Jenna Marbles] [laugh out loud]."

A fifth wrote, "She looks like a young glam [Jenna Marbles], and I'm here for it."

Some even took the conversation to Marbles herself, wanting to inform her of her famous doppelgänger.

⁦"[Jenna Marbles] - disregard (the) headline. Eminem's daughter is actually you for Halloween," one user wrote.

Another simply said, "Jenna Marbles], explain."

Aside from this comparison, Grande herself seemed to think Mathers nailed her impersonation. After the costume went viral, Grande commented a black heart and diamond ring emoji. Mathers, herself, had referenced Grande's song "7 rings" in the caption by typing out seven diamond ring emojis.

Mathers' post was garnered more than 159,000 likes.

It's a super successful post for Mathers, but not too far off from the success she's seen on other recent shots. She's gained 1.8 million followers on Instagram, so just about anything she posts racks up six-figures in likes. She mostly shares stylish shots of herself modeling cute outfits or stepping out on the town, and her admirers eat them up.


Photo Credit: Donna Ward/Getty Images // Jon Soohoo/Los Angeles Dodgers via Getty Images