Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Natural Hair Color in New Photo for the First Time

We've all had those days where our hair just isn't doing what we want it to. Apparently, even Ellen DeGeneres has those annoying days. In her case, though, her bad hair day resulted in her needing to take serious action. The talk show host revealed in the premiere of the 17th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that was forced to shave her head after a dye job gone wrong. She explained to the audience the up-and-down story of her hair.

"My hairdresser said I needed to shave it really short so that the color was completely out of it and I would grow new virgin hair," she said. "And since I wasn't working over the summer, that's what I did."

Making matters more interesting was that DeGeneres said she didn't even recall what her natural hair color. She said she has been dyeing her hair for as long as she can remember.

On one of her shows last season, the Finding Dory voice actor shared the initial story of when her hairdresser messed up her hair. It was so bad that she joked her hair had all of the colors of the rainbow in it.

"I looked at it in the mirror and was like, "This is not good,"' she began. "So the person said, "Well, let me try it again," and they tried it again. We were running out of time, and they're like, "It'll rinse out. Every time you shampoo, it'll get better."'

Turns out, it never did. The mistaken dye job wound up resulting in her hair getting so messed up that it began falling out.

"I would touch my hair and hair was falling out. I think my hair was so embarrassed, it didn't want anything to do with my head, and said, "I'm getting out of here," she joked.


Judging by her latest episode, all seems to have been recovered and she's back to sporting her classic look.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show first aired in 2003. The 61-year-old also hosts a game show on NBC, Ellen's Game of Games.