Ellen DeGeneres Accused of Mistreating Household Workers: 'The Worst Person I've Ever Met in My Life'

It's no secret Ellen DeGeneres' name has been dragged through the mud in recent months, but her never-ending news cycle doesn't seem to be letting up. While her long-running talk show isn't getting the boot just yet, people are still coming out sharing their less-than-favorable stories about the comedian. After being accused of creating a toxic work environment for her staffers, potentially trying to get a former server fired for unkempt nails, and more, now she's being accused of "tormenting" her house staff.

"My belief is that someone's real personality comes out at home," an ex-staffer, who has remained nameless, told Page Six. "So after everything that has been said about her at work, you can imagine how terrible Ellen is going to be at home when her guard is down." The former staffer said that the Finding Dory actress would do a number of things to make those who worked for her feel bad, such as creating a list of trivial performance complaints from the previous day. This would include her coffee not being frothed to her liking, being served food in the wrong bowl or someone being shamed for leaving the salt shaker in the wrong spot.

DeGeneres was also accused of calling out a chef for using the guest bathroom and one of the maids for accidentally forgetting to put a piece of trash in the recycling bin. "She treated you like you were nothing," the former staffer said, adding that DeGeneres would "yell" a lot in an "incredibly condescending" tone. "She was going to torture you and you were just going to sit there and listen to it because you were being paid."

She also said that the 62-year-old "takes pleasure" in firing people, saying, "I was told that she had a very high turnover and that I should stay under the radar as much as possible, avoid as much direct contact with Ellen as possible. Working there was described as being more like a boot camp. Ellen was the worst person that I've ever met in my life."

Allegedly DeGeneres would lay matches randomly throughout the house to make sure that every spot was being dusted and kept. She would use this as a trap to see who was working and who wasn't. "I was always stressed out and on the verge of tears. I remember going home sometimes thinking I just hated my life. You stick it out because quitting looks bad on your resume but everyone in Hollywood knows what's going on there."