Elizabeth Hurley Shamed for Wearing Revealing Dress With Teen Son

Elizabeth Hurley was criticized by a handful of Instagram users for wearing a cleavage-bearing dress in a photo she posted on her son Damian Hurley's birthday last week.

elizabeth hurley son revealing outfit
(Photo: Instagram/Elizabeth Hurley)

In the photo, the 52-year-old Hurley is seen wearing a glittering, low-cut dress with her son, who celebrated his 16th birthday. Damian is seen wearing a blazer with a floral-print.

"Happy Birthday to my little prince [Damian]. The light of my life for the last 16 years," Hurley wrote.

After posting the picture on Instagram, a few trolls showed up to criticize Hurley for taking attention away from her son. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, one person called her an "embarrassing mum."

"Using this moment to 'showcase her assets' and focus the attention back on her," another person wrote.

Another called the dress "a tiny bit inappropriate."

"Your dress is way too revealing for a sophisticated elegant lady like you," another wrote.

However, by Sunday, the positive comments far outnumbered the negative comments. Many people agreed that "if you've got it… flaunt it."

"Way to go Liz, you're representing us 50 something's extremely well," one fan wrote.

"Jealous snowflakes," one fan wrote about the critics. "I pray she doesn't apologize. So tired of people doing that. Some people really need to get a life and focus on themselves. So much more to do in a life then this."

"Sad to think self righteous haters have to hate. Stay strong! You ARE an amazing mom. Peace," one wrote.

Hurley's 880,000 Instagram followers are used to The Royals actress posting revealing photos to highlight her Elizabeth Hurley Beach line. She said some of the photos are even taken by Damien.

"It's not just a mad ego trip," Hurley recently told Yahoo Lifestyle about the photos. "It's not just me going nuts on holiday. It's a business. If I didn't have my own bikini line, I probably wouldn't be posting pictures of myself in a bikini."

Hurley said there is nothing wrong with women flaunting what they have, no matter what age.

"There has been such a big movement in the last few years, which I think is such a positive one. That not everybody has to be 24 and 90 pounds," she told Yahoo. "People are feeling much more comfortable with their own body shape, with their own body type, and I think that's a really great thing. At any age, it's fantastic."


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Photo credit: Instagram/ Elizabeth Hurley