'DWTS' Pro Lindsay Arnold Details 'Inappropriate' Encounter With TSA

Dancing With the Stars pro, Lindsay Arnold detailed a very “horrible” moment she experienced [...]

Dancing With the Stars pro, Lindsay Arnold detailed a very "horrible" moment she experienced after being publicly harassed by TSA agents at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Friday.

The 24-year-old Arnold went into detail on Twitter about an "inappropriate" encounter with TSA, prompting the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to respond.

"Horrible day at the [Dallas/Fort Worth Airport] got publicly harassed and had my privacy extremely invaded by a [TSA] agent while going through security. So inappropriate and uncalled for," she wrote in a tweet thread.

"The public harassment stemmed from the [TSA agent] accusing me of having something very private (and legal) inside of my bag (which I didn't even have). He accused me of this before even looking in the bag after I repeatedly told him he could check my bag."

Arnold goes on to reveal that the agent, whose identity is yet to be confirmed, would not tell her what he saw on the security belt screen, but called "his other [TSA] buddy over to the screen to point and laugh at the item in question."

"[It was a] bottle of hair oil," Arnold wrote. "And [he] said to me, 'You know exactly what we are talking about.'"

The Mirror Ball champ went on to detail how the two agents made a "huge scene."

"People were watching to see what they found in my bag which ended up being nothing," she wrote. "[And] the item they assumed I had is completely legal to bring through security so there was no reason for alarm in the first place."

Arnold went on to clarify that she has absolutely no issues with security checks, but instead was upset at how the situation was handled.

"Let me be clear that I have no issue with thorough security checks and I understand if TSA needs to recheck a bag or question an item," she wrote in her last tweet. "But the way this man handled the situation was horrible. He should have pulled my bag aside and done the search privately not publicly humiliate me."

A customer service agent via the airport's official Twitter account replied to Arnold's story, writing, "Hi Lindsay - we apologize for any rudeness that was encountered. You can share your feedback with [Ask TSA] here."

However, fans of Arnold were not buying the compassion and shared their own encounters with TSA agents across the U.S.

"They have always been the worst on every trip of mine," one of her fans replied, while another echoed the sentiment and added how Arnold was owed an apology.

"It's this s— that pisses me off," wrote another fan. "These two guys probably still live with their moms, saw a pretty girl, and knew you're out of their league, married, and reacted as such. No excuses for what they did and thank you for sharing [because] it needs to be. Sorry it happened to you Lindsay."

"I hope you reported them, that's awful. I wonder what made them think it was OK to do that," added another.

Another fan shared their own account as someone who worked at the airport.

"I've worked at [Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport] for almost four years now and I completely hate [TSA], they literally gave me the nickname 'The girl who hates TSA' and it's usually in terminal D or Terminal C," she wrote. "They're always so rude and mean and I can't believe most of these people are employed [thumbs down emoji]."

Arnold, who is working hard for the Mirror Ball Trophy this season on DWTS with partner, DeMarcus Ware, has not replied to any fan, nor the airport's customer service representative about the encounter.

Photo credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images