Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Lashes out at Facebook Scammers Impersonating Him

Dwayne Johnson wants his fans to know there is only one Rock, and lashed out at Facebook scammers impersonating him in an Instagram video Sunday.

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Johnson posted a video from his gym workout Sudnay morning, telling his fans to be wary of Facebook pages using his name and asking for money in exchange for "free" gifts.

"These guys are real pieces of s–," Johnson said. "There has been an extraordinary amount of people actually engaging with these people and sending them money. Do not send them money. Maybe because you guys think I'm a nice guy and like to give stuff away... I do, but look, I would never, ever ask you guys for money just to give you guys free stuff."

The Rock reminded fans of his own humble beginnings, adding that he understands the value of a hard-earned dollar, so he would never ask his fans for money.

"I've got enough people trying to steal s– from me as it is," Johnson said. "I would never try to take from you guys. So, be vigiliant. Be smart. Question it. Report it."

Johnson ended his video by assuring fans that he has already contacted the federal authorities about the problem.

"Sorry if you've been affected by these fake Facebook accounts asking for $$ or worse yet, actually engaged with them enough to send money in," Johnson wrote in the caption. "Hey I get it, sometimes when we're broke and struggling to make ends meet, the promise of a fast buck can be appealing. It's hard to mitigate these assholes, because they pop up by the dozens daily hoping to prey on the ones who've fallen on hard times."

Johnson added, as he said in the video, "Be smart, vigilant and don't engage."

Johnson's official Facebook page is titled "Dwayne The Rock Johnson" and has a blue check mark next to his name. It also features the same black and white photo Johnson uses for his profile picture on Instagram and Twitter.

While the video warning about scammers was not as positive as his usual Instagram posts, Johnson later made up for it on Sunday night with an inspirational message about how hard work pays off. Although his dreams of becoming a NFL player did not come true, he later found a calling as a professional wrestler and he is now one of the most-successful movie stars on the planet.

"Just wasn't meant to be and more importantly, I just wasn't playing the right game," Johnson wrote. "Raising a grateful glass of tequila to dreams that don't come true."


Johnson was last seen in Skyscraper and Rampage this summer, and is now working on Jungle Cruise for Disney. He also stars in HBO's Ballers, which airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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