How Dusty Slay Went From Sitting in the Trailer Park to Stand-Up Comic

“We’re having a good time” is a phrase that has become almost synonymous with stand-up [...]

"We're having a good time" is a phrase that has become almost synonymous with stand-up comic, Dusty Slay as he now begins nearly every show like this, along with his friendly signature hand-wave. While the Alabama native might not have intended for the catchphrase to stick since first hitting the scene almost five years ago, he reveals it's just how things turned out.

"I like to tell people we're having a good time. I don't like to ask," Slay said. "A lot of comics come out and ask, 'Are we having a good time?' Not me, I can't risk it."

But with guest spots on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and the world famous, Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, audiences aren't just having a good time — they are in fact, having a great time.

Slay recently dropped by, where he chatted exclusively about his success and reminisced about his time on the road — and if anyone can fill you in about what a great time Slay's shows are, it's me.

For years, the Opelika-born comedian and I would travel up and down the country doing comedy shows in towns you've probably never heard where I witnessed hundreds of his sets first-hand. Sometimes in those days it felt like the crowds weren't always prepared for what they were getting, but finally, it feels like everyone's catching on to what I've known for a long time now — Slay's the real deal. As far as one can tell, the only thing that's really changed about him from our time together is his hair's a little longer and the glasses are a smidge bigger. Slay's comedy has always been like a hilarious trip down memory lane where he gives you a fun peek at his rural upbringing inside a trailer park.

When asked what he's been up to lately, Slay revealed to that he "sold a development deal to ABC last year for a TV show about a trailer park, but I don't know what's happening with that."

Whether the TV show works out or not, Slay has even more exciting opportunities on the horizon.

"Now I'm working on a cartoon about the same thing," Slay said."Not as realistic as King of the Hill, but somewhere between Bob's Burgers and Family Guy."

Check out our interview in its entirety in the media player above this page, and follow Slay (along with his hypnotic drawl) at Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Additionally, if you still can't get enough of him, listen to his weekly podcast, We're Having a Good Time, where he discusses a myriad of comedy-related topics with his wife, and fellow stand-up comic, Hannah Hogan.

For more information on Slay and his live shows, visit his official website for an updated list of tour dates and televised appearances from the likes of Comedy Central to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.