'Dukes of Hazzard' Star John Schneider's Wife Alicia Allain Dead at 53

Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider revealed Wednesday that his wife, Alicia Allain, has died. He did not give a cause of death. Allain, 53, was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, although there is no word if that contributed to her death. Schneider, 62, took to social media to pay tribute to his wife, sharing a photo of her as well as a photo of their hands intertwined.

"My beautiful Smile is pain free, living in her new body alongside Jesus," Schneider wrote on Facebook and Instagram. "Please respect our privacy during this time of grief. Please do not ask any questions. If you have any pictures of us and our obvious love and adoration for each other, please post them below. Lastly... hug those you love tight and let them know how you feel. We always did."

He also shared a photo of the couple together on his Twitter account and wrote, "My center. My everything. My smile."

An obituary published online by Wilbert Funeral Home in Plaquemine, Louisiana, said that Allain died "at her home surrounded by her family as she took her last breath on Tuesday, February 21, 2023."

Allain worked as an actor in films like Leather Jackets, Caged Fear, The Badge and Half Lives. She went on to create her own entertainment company and produced several small-budget films with Schneider before she transitioned into music production. The couple created over 100 songs together in recent years, The Daily Mail reports.

Allain and Schneider started dating in 2015 before tying the knot in 2019 at a barn on their property in Louisiana. It was Schneider's third marriage and Allain's second. Allain was diagnosed with breast cancer only seven months before they married.

Schneider told PopCulture.com in February 2020 that Allain was cancer-free at the time. "Her first PET scan lit up like a Christmas tree, and now she's clear," Schneider told PopCulture. "We did a lot of things. We went to the doctor obviously. We went through the, 'My God, the house is burning down, what are we going to do?' stage. But she's so smart. She's a researcher. So what Alicia did is she looked up everything that came after the words 'cancer hates,' and we did all those things."

"She looked up 'cancer loves,' and we stopped doing all of those things," he added. "Like sugar. She went on a Keto for Cancer diet. We started walking around Music Row, because we heard that cancer does not like an accelerated heart rate. So by God, we're going to do the treadmill, we're going to do all this stuff. We did that every day. Cancer loves sugar, took all that out, all of it. Not some of it, all of it."

Allain appeared on Fox News' Fox and Friends in 2020 and discussed her 2019 cancer diagnosis. "I went into, like, a speed course of reading what path I was going to take. I decided to do Keto for Cancer, CBD oil and then ground myself in minerals. I got into a really rigid regime."

In addition to Schneider, Allain was survived by her daughter, parents, brother, grandmother, stepdaughter, and granddaughter, according to her obituary.