'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Weighs in on Kanye West's 'Jesus Is King'

Kanye West recently came out with a gospel album titled Jesus Is King and while some fans were slightly confused, others were stoked, including Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson, a person known for her Christian values. His ninth studio album was also accompanied by a documentary film that released in IMAX theaters which "brings Kanye West's famed Sunday Service to life." While Robertson is thrilled with West and the fact that he is rejoicing in the name of Jesus, she's saddened by the Christians who are choosing to Judge West.

"I like, literally, listened to it every day since because I am just so stoked about what's happening in his life and that, clearly he claiming that God has just radically changed his life," she said in a YouTube video. "As somebody who God has radically changed my own life, and I saw things that were dead in me come to life, things that didn't have purpose that other people would have thought were exciting but just to me weren't filling me up, all of a sudden had purpose and filled me up when I was doing it in the name of Jesus, and so I'm just stoked!"

"I mean, anybody who gets a hold of the gospel and radically changes their life, I'm gonna celebrate that all day long," she added.

While she is excited, she did address a huge topic at hand with the fact that "some" Christians have been "judgemental" towards the "Through the Wire" singers' turn of events. After reading a few lyrics that West wrote about being judged by the Christian community, she went on to express how sad that made her that those are the words he chose to use because as followers of Christ, there is only suppose to be love without judgement.


"Christians, like, we are suppose to love! Like, we are not suppose to judge, we are not the judge. Literally, God, Christ, as a Christian, who we follow, His greatest command is: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul and your mind, and then love your neighbor as yourself. Love, love, love!" she continued.

She added, "To judge whenever someone says that Christ has got a hold of them, that's just not what we're called to do."

Robertson gained fame through the popular show Duck Dynasty that followed her family members around in which soon became a popular reality series. Now, she has ventured off to do her own thing like starting a podcast WHOA That's Good Podcast and traveling around the country to preach the word of God. As if she isn't busy enough with all of that, she is also planning a wedding with her fiancé Christian Huff.