Drew Barrymore Breaks Down in Tears When David Letterman Surprises Her on Her Show

Drew Barrymore broke out in tears when David Letterman surprised her on her show, The Drew Barrymore Show, for her 46th birthday. The actress hosted fellow television personality, Savannah Guthrie when they attempted to chat with Letterman via Zoom. When he couldn't seem to figure out how to work it properly, he jokingly gave up.

Before the longtime night show host walked out on stage, he joked with everything that he wasn't a cat, poking fun at the Texas lawyer who showed up to court via Zoom with a cat filter on. The lawyer hilariously couldn't figure out how to fix it so that the filter wasn't over his face, but little did he know his mishap would turn into a viral video. When Letterman walked out, Barrymore was in complete shock for a few seconds before busting out in tears.

"I'm so grateful that you're here," she said. He then proceeded to sit down on the couch between her and Guthrie when he happily told her that the Zoom idea was his. "Let me tell you, something. That Zoomer thing, that was my idea," he said. Barrymore and Letterman go way back, developing a longtime friendship. The 50 First Dates actress has appeared on his show more than 20 times, back when he hosted before stepping away in 2015. In fact, Barrymore even flashed him one time, recalling the moment with Entertainment Weekly, saying it was "completely spontaneous and not calculated in any way."


In that same interview, she proceeded to explain why she enjoyed visiting him on his show so much, saying she felt he was very different from the rest in a sense that his guests had to earn his friendship in a way. "I just looked forward to going back," she said. "There's an energy to his show. The more you tried to charm him, the less he wanted it. He either liked you or he didn't. When you usually go on a talk show it's very buddy-buddy. But with him, you have to work for it. But not too hard, because he won't like that!" she said.