'Dog's Most Wanted' Star Rainy Robinson Reveals Information, Photos of Potential Suspects in Chapman Family Burglary

Authorities in Colorado are investigating an apparent burglary at a business owned by Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman, according to NBC News. Rainy Robinson revealed photos of the suspect on Twitter, asking followers to reach out to local police with any information they may have that could lead to an arrest.

The photos, while grainy, showed the suspect walking with a backpack on and what looked like sunglasses concealing his eyes. Rainey called on the "Dog Pound," or fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted, to reach out to the Edgewater Police Department if they recognized the suspect or had any information.

She followed up her initial plea with a post targeted specifically at fans of Beth Chapman, who recently died after a battle with cancer.

"Do this for [Beth Chapman], please," she wrote.

Similarly, Dog tweeted on Friday that there's a "large cash reward" for any information about the perpetrator. It's unclear exactly how much is up for grabs.

Dog later told reporters on Friday that he would ask police not to press charges if the suspect surrendered in the next 24 hours, according to the Associated Press. He delivered the information outside the damaged store as police released the surveillance video.

Police Chief John Mackey said the suspect carried a large backpack and was only in the store for a short time. He left without anything in his hands, according to Mackey. Police fear that the merchandise may already be for sale or sold online.

According to NBC News, the robbery was reported by a passerby in the Denver suburb of Edgewater. The person spotted a broken glass door at a business that stocks merchandise sold online and reported it to police. Police Cpl. Bob Bring said officers boarded the door when they were unable to reach anyone connected to the business, called "Free as a Bird Bail Bond."

Brink later revealed someone at the company told them merchandise and personal items were stolen. Police didn't have a list of what exactly what was missing, but the investigation is still in its early stages.

Chapman, however, did reveal what was stolen. He said the suspect took bounty hunting gear belonging to his late wife. Employees are still putting together inventory to figure out what else was taken, according to the Associated Press. A computer and cash register were dumped in a pile behind a front county, the outlet said. A Dog the Bounty Hunter mug was also smashed in a nearby case holding mugs and other things.


"The guy has 48 hours to call me and ask for forgiveness," Chapman said.

The Chapman family is still reeling from the loss of Beth. Funeral services were held on July 13 in her native Colorado.