'Dog's Most Wanted' Fan Sends Beth Chapman Twitter Trailer, and Other Users Are Liking It

A Dog's Most Wanted fan sent Beth Chapman a trailer, and other users are really liking it.

The clip was posted by a user named Tamera Henrickson, though she did not clarify if she made it, or if she was just sharing it.

The trailer does not appear to be official, rather it seems fan-made, and fans are absolutely loving it.

After Chapman retweeted the clip, it began to rack up Twitter likes, currently sitting at 143. The trailer has also been retweeted 27 times, as of this writing.

"When when WHEN?? I AM GOING ABSOLUTELY CRAZY WAITING!!! COME ON TELL US WHEN ALREADY!!! I NEED TO KNOW," one fan replied, desperate to know when the series will debut.

This is not the first animated visual that Henrickson has shared in honor of Chapman.

She previously shared an image with the reality TV star in front of some trees, and had the words "Hugs & prayers" on the top. That post too promoted Dog's Most Wanted.

Dog's Most Wanted will feature Chapman and her husband — Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman — on the search for suspects from the the FBI and the U.S. Marshals' most wanted lists.


WGN America president Gavin Harvey — whose network will be airing the show — announced the series earlier this year, saying, "America has been captivated by Dog, Beth and their dramatic true-crime experiences for over a decade. In this brand new series, millions of Dog and Beth fans will join them on bigger hunts, pursuing more dangerous criminals, with a supporting cast of tough as nails crime fighters."

At this time, Dog's Most Wanted does not have an official premiere date, but will reportedly debut sometime this fall.