'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Daughter Bonnie Chapman Slams 'Pathetic and Cowardly' Comments About Mother Beth

Bonnie Chapman had to deal with some unfortunate internet comments about her late mother, Beth. In an Instagram story earlier this week, Chapman addressed a vile and profane message from a user who called Beth Chapman a "waste of space" and that she "won't be missed." Even more off-putting were their remarks about the late wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman, who passed away from cancer back in June, accusing her of "faking her illness."

The comments also suggested that Chapman isn't the real daughter of the reality TV star, adding that "no one knows" who she is. Chapman responded in the caption that she was "amazed at how pathetic and cowardly people can be."

Chapman herself was hospitalized back in October, just two months after her mother passed away. It's unclear why she was admitted, but her Instagram posts around that time mentioned that she was in a great deal of pain.

She also had to contend with the worst parts of the internet over Thanksgiving to contest the rumors that her father had committed suicide, and that he was, in fact, "living and breathing."

"Hey there, just wanted to make it clear: my dad did not die to suicide, he's taking a nap right now," Bonnie said in a video posted Thanksgiving night. "He's completely fine. Unless you hear something from me or my family, then it is false."

The death of Beth, the Chapman family matriarch, has taken its toll on the reality TV family. Duane Chapman posted earlier this week that he had been going to therapy since his wife passed on. "Going to my shrink for six months now ever since Beth left me I am not sure if it works," adding he'll "let you know in another six."

The couple's daughter, Cecily Chapman, also posted over the holidays that she's been missing her late mother "every day" since she died.


"Part of me has left the earth, most times I feel lost," the caption read. "One of the things she told me while we were alone in the car driving, the last Sam's club run we ever did, 'I just haven't taught you everything yet.' At the time I told her she taught me everything I know. Now I understand she hadn't taught me enough, like living life without her."

'Baby Lyssa' Chapman also used social media to work through her grief over the holidays, writing "nothing is the same without you," and imaging that Beth has "the biggest tree ever" in heaven.