DMX's Goddaughter Posts Heartbreaking Tribute in First Comments Since Rapper's Death

DMX's goddaughter, Paige Audrey-Marie Hurd, posted the last photo she ever took with the late [...]

DMX's goddaughter, Paige Audrey-Marie Hurd, posted the last photo she ever took with the late rapper on Instagram on Saturday. The image showed Hurd and DMX hugging, apparently at a dance venue of some kind. She included a heartbreaking note about her grief for DMX.

"7 days prior," Hurd mused in the caption. "This was the last time we hugged, we danced, we held hands. the last time we said I love you. the last time I would ever hear you scream PUMPKINNN. when we are together we are inseparable, & we DO NOT play about each other. I just can't believe this was our goodbye." Hurd became DMX's goddaughter when they filmed the 2003 movie Cradle 2 the Grave together, and they have been close ever since. Fans mourned alongside the actress on Instagram.

"Shock has been my feeling the past month since I got the worst call in the middle of the night," Hurd continued. "The shock & grief is heavy, uncomfortable, and hard to express. I just don't have much yet, forgive my silence. I'm trying but right now I don't have the best words... I love you so much. I'm so proud to be your goddaughter. You are a part of my world and my heart aches terribly these days and will never stop. Love, Pumpkin."

Hurd's post drew a lot of mournful comments — mainly heart emojis and prayer hand emojis, as well as missives for DMX. The rapper passed away on April 9, 2021 due to a heart attack, which may have been caused by a drug overdose. He had a well-documented problem with addiction, which he ruminated on throughout much of his work.

"I'm so sorry Paige, love you," one person commented. Another added: "Not many people can Cause One to Smile like you did in this picture!!! You loved him!!!!" while a third added simply: "My condolences."

Hurd is not the only one mourning DMX — the rapper's passing inspired heartfelt tributes from every corner of the entertainment industry and beyond, and reflections on his immense body of work. In retrospect, many fans felt that DMX's impact had been under-appreciated during his lifetime, in spite of his occasional controversies. He was honored with various memorial services, the largest being a "Celebration of Life" at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Fans everywhere continue to re-examine DMX's work on music streaming platforms, and in his memoir, E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX. Cradle 2 the Grave is streaming now on Tubi and HBO Max.