Disney Channel Star Dove Cameron Faces Backlash Over Bikini Selfie

Actress Dove Cameron is currently on the receiving end of internet backlash after she posted a video of herself on a bed in a bikini, posing as she filmed herself in the mirror on her phone.

The blurry video prompted instant criticism from many of Cameron's followers, with some slamming the Disney Channel star for the image they feel she is presenting to their children.

"There is a time and place for vids like this. Sent privately to your lover? More power to you, sister," one critic wrote. "On Instagram on a bed, stroking your hair? As a role model for young women- Not cool. Rethink your decisions."

"I think most people are comfortable with the human body, but surely there are limits/boundries (sic) that are in place for a reason," commented another. "You know damn well that the only reason people know you is because of Disney, right? Who watches Disney? Young girls. When they see this s—, the first thing they want to do is copy cat."

Along with criticism, many of Cameron's fans stepped in to defend her, with some noting that her young fans shouldn't even be on social media at all.

"So the gag is that if there's kids who watch disney who are too young to see this.... why do they have.... socal (sic) media ....... ????" one person wondered.

"I'm sorry, but you can't stop a young woman growing up just because your 13 year old is a fan," another wrote. "Get over yourselves guys."

In the caption of the post, Cameron also defended her decision to post the photo, explaining that she's an adult who also happens to be comfortable with her body.

"I love the female body," the Descendants star wrote, adding further explanation for good measure. "(Guys if i'm in a bathing suit, and i'm 23 and you're tripping, you need to re-evaluate what trips you up. and also get more comfortable w the human body)."

Cameron is no stranger to dealing with online hate, and earlier this month, the actress implored fans to refrain from engaging in negativity on social media.

"Investigating the negative sides of social media is purely negative, and there is nothing to be gained from reading it and toiling in it," she wrote in a note posted to Instagram. "Only living outside of public opinion can get you to where you want to go. Follow your own advice, every day."


"If you have realized that you are one of those people who CONTRIBUTES to the negativity or harmful words on social media, you deserve to have more respect for your one life as well," she added in her caption. "You are so much bigger than all of this."

Photo Credit: Getty / Bruce Glikas