Diddy Returns Major Honor to New York City Amid Cassie Assault Video Fallout

Mayor Eric Adams emphasized his support for survivors of domestic abuse and gender-based violence.

Sean "Diddy" Combs has surrendered a "Key to the City" awarded to him by New York City. This move comes in the wake of a disturbing video surfacing that depicted Combs physically assaulting his former partner, Cassie Ventura, sparking widespread outrage and condemnation.

According to reports, Mayor Eric Adams dispatched formal letters to Combs' offices in New York and Los Angeles, expressing his deep concern over the distressing footage. In these correspondences, Adams emphasized his support for survivors of domestic abuse and gender-based violence. He stated that the "Key to the City" honor is reserved for individuals who embody exemplary citizenship, a criterion that the selection committee no longer deemed Combs as meeting.

"I am deeply disturbed by the video depicting Mr. Combs' actions," Adams said in the letter, obtained by TMZ. "Our city has worked relentlessly to ensure that survivors are heard and seen by our administration. I strongly condemn the actions displayed in the video and stand in solidarity with all survivors."

Following internal deliberations, the committee tasked with overseeing the "Key to the City" awards recommended the revocation of Combs' honor. Adams accepted this recommendation and formally requested the immediate return of the key. Sources with direct knowledge of the situation told TMZ that Combs complied with the mayor's directive, returning the key on June 10, merely six days after the letters were sent on June 4.

The city maintains an updated log of all "Key to the City" recipients. While Combs' name remains listed, a statement has been appended: "This Key to the City was rescinded by Mayor Eric Adams on June 4, 2024, via a formal letter due to actions of domestic and gender-based violence committed by Mr. Combs."

In September 2023, Mayor Adams honored Combs at a special event. At the time, the Harlem native proudly posed alongside the mayor as he celebrated his career as a music executive and the founder of the Bad Boy Records label. "New York, we f— did it!" Combs had exclaimed, waving the key as he participated in a celebratory motorcade through Times Square. "Harlem, we did it! Mt. Vernon, we did it! The Bronx, we f— did it! Let's go!"

However, the euphoria was short-lived as allegations against Combs began to mount just months later, with Ventura filing a lawsuit in November accusing him of assault and battery. While Combs has denied any wrongdoing, the emergence of the damning video prompted him to issue a public apology, admitting that he had indeed assaulted Ventura.

Combs has faced numerous additional lawsuits alleging sexual assault and a federal investigation into alleged sex trafficking, narcotics trafficking, and other offenses. New York City officials had been vocal in their calls for Mayor Adams to retract the honor, with Councilman Erik Bottcher asserting last month that rescinding the key was a "no-brainer decision."