'Devil's Rejects' Star Sid Haig Hospitalized, in ICU Following Accident

Horror film star Sid Haig is in the Intensive Care Unit at a hospital, according to an Instagram message from his wife. Suzie Haig began sending messages to fans through her husband's Instagram account sometime this week, alluding to a serious medical emergency. So far, details are few and far between.

Suzie posted her updates on her husband's condition in the bio section of his Instagram, rather than as posts. As a result, each one disappears when the next one goes up, making them hard to track. On Friday evening, she posted the most concerning one so far.

"SID HAS HAD AN ACCIDENT AND IS IN THE HOSPITAL IN ICU. EVERYONE PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!!!!!! - SUZIE," it read. The bio has since changed to read: "Update coming soon. That is all for now. Please pray. Thank you all."

Another message appeared earlier in the week in the comments section of Haig's last post. The post itself went up on Aug. 18, explaining to fans why the actor's online store was being closed down. However, this week a new comment from Haig's account appeared there.


The post got several replies from fans, asking for more information and sending their well wishes.

"I hope you're back to feeling good soon. We love you, from Coffy to 3 From Hell. A legend. Sending all our love," one fan wrote.

"Praying for you my friend," added another with several heart and prayer hand emojis.

"Hope Sid is okay. Many prayers your way," a third person wrote.

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Dear Fans, Suzie and I have discussed it and we've concluded that the best thing for everyone is for us to temporarily shut down SidMart again until we get caught up on the backlog of orders. Suzie announced this on my site last night and I am sharing it with you here. We are working in date order and we're up to July 11th, so even people who placed orders just yesterday are in for a wait of a few more weeks. As compensation for this, everyone who has an order in with us up to and including August 16th will be receiving free of charge this photo of Rob and I from the good old days on the set of Rejects, autographed by me of course, with your orders. This is on top of the usual autographed freebie we send with all orders. We hope this will make up for the lag time, and I humbly apologize for the wait. This is just Suzie and I doing all this, we have no staff and I sign everything by hand, then she packs it up for shipping, then I ship it. She just gave me another pile of orders, so I'll be starting on them in the morning and I hope you all can understand and have patience. Sorry again and goodnight. Love, Sid

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So far, there are no details on Haig's official site either. Haig is a beloved figure in the world of horror and action movies, with roles in everything from cult classics to box office hits. He is also an accomplished producer and musician.

Haig was born in 1939 and raised in Fresno, California. He had early success as a dancer and recording artist, and his career took off from there. Some of his best-known film roles include appearances in Rob Zombie's horror films, House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.


Haig also has a long resume in television, where his credits go back to the 1960s. He appeared in Star Trek the original series, the 1966 Batman show and many other beloved franchises. Some of those works have been revived or rebooted in Haig's lifetime, such as MacGyver and Mission: Impossible.

Stay tuned for updates on Haig's condition.