Watch Deven Davis' Last Video With Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis' late wife, Deven Davis, made her last on-video appearance in December 2017, with her estranged husband by her side.

On Dec. 31, Davis and Jonathan appeared together to provide fans with an update on Somber One, the clothing line Davis announced in June 2017. The couple had issues launching the products on time, and told fans they would be reimbursed for the products they ordered at full price, but the prices were later halved. They also apologized to fans for the high prices. The couple also said the proceeds would be going to charities.

At the end of the video, the couple wished their fans a Happy New Year and told them not to drive drunk.

According to HuffPost, Somber One started more than a decade ago, when Davis decided to create shirts to be sold at Korn concerts. The first shirts sold out in a half-hour and Jonathan kept 10 shirts himself. Over the years, fans asked to be able to buy new Somber One jerseys, and Davis hoped that the new venture would do just that.

Unfortunately, the only thing on the Somber One website today is the logo Davis created.

Davis was found dead on Friday. She was 39 years old and reportedly struggled with drug abuse for more than two decades, according to Jonathan's recent court filings.

At the time the Facebook video was made, Davis and Jonathan were in the process of divorcing. Jonathan filed for divorce in 2016, citing "irreconcilable differences."

On the same day she was found dead, a judge approved Jonathan's motion for a domestic violence restraining order, claiming her drug habits left their two children vulnerable. According to TMZ, Jonathan claims she went to rehab six times and "is constantly under the influence of the nitrous oxide, cocaine and Norco."

Jonathan claimed Davis' boyfriend is a drug dealer. In the court filing, Jonathan claimed he once went to Davis' home to find the man passed out on a couch and Davis passed out upstairs. There was drug paraphernalia floating in the toilet, according to Jonathan.

Also in the documents, Jonathan claimed Davis would often bring strangers into the house, allowing them to try some of Jonathan's clothes on.

A week before her death, Davis was living in a sober home, but went missing on Friday.


The cause of death is still unknown. TMZ's sources said she was not aware of the restraining order. It ordered Davis to have no contact with their children or their family dog, Chaos.

Photo credit: Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic/Getty Images