Derek Hough Shares Hilarious Advice for Finding Your Rhythm Amid 'Dancing With the Stars' Return (Exclusive)

Derek Hough is known for his rhythmic moves and after starring on Dancing With the Stars as a professional dancer and judge, his career has skyrocketed thanks to his skills as a choreographer and dancer. But while dancing comes easy to the 36-year-old, not everyone can say the same. During an exclusive interview with, Hough shared some hilarious advice for those trying to find their personal beat but struggle with letting loose.

"Probably a couple of shots of tequila," Hough laughed with PopCulture. "Honestly, I always find that people are like, 'Oh, I don't dance,' then you see them having a few drinks, and they're like, 'Yes!'" If weddings are the application of life, everyone knows that one person who claims they don't enjoy dancing but after a few drinks are the center of attention with their dance moves. While Hough shared such a relatable statement, he did circle back to say he feels when most people struggle to find the beat, it's mostly hesitancy built up in their head.

"In all seriousness though, it really is just in your head I feel like. I think a lot of it is you get a little self-conscious, and when people say, 'I'm not a dancer,' I'm always like, 'Well, when did you decide that?' Because you know, when you're a kid, you're like dancing around, jumping around, and then we get a little self-conscious," Hough explained. However, he didn't fail to acknowledge that while some can "hear the beat better," he also gave away his secret of what he looks for when someone is trying to dance. "I look for commitment; just letting go, being free, that's what dancing is all about."

Hough is looking forward to rejoining the judges of DWTS for the show's 30th season and is hoping to have an audience by then. When Hough and his girlfriend Hayley Erbert performed together in October, they weren't able to enjoy the energy of an audience. However, Hough says that didn't get to him too much because the show did a great job at providing that feel even without a live audience. He adds it didn't throw either one of them too much either because they were so focused on the performance. "To be honest with you, in that atmosphere, I tend to block out the audience anyways," he explained.

Noting that because of the all the lights and cameras, that's the bubble he pays attention to. But it's very different when he's performing live on tour as that's when an audience's energy really feeds him. "When I'm on stage and performing on tour, there's nothing like having an audience; there's nothing like having that energy," he said.


While he's maintaining his busy schedule, he's also trying to help a few fur-babies find homes. The dancer recently partnered with Purina ONE as they kick off their 28-day challenge. "They've been supporting shelters for years. Even since 2015, they've donated 8 million pounds of dog and cat food." For every person who signs up for the 28-day challenge, Purina ONE will donate $1 to Petfinder Foundation. For more information, visit purinaone/adoptablepets.