Los Angeles Fire Department Responds to Denzel Washington's Home

Denzel Washington is safe on Thursday after the Los Angeles Fire Department was called to his home in the Beverly Crest neighborhood Wednesday night because of smoke reportedly seen from the mansion. No one was injured and no fire broke out. It is not known if Washington was home at the time, but everyone who was inside at the time was allowed to return.

Firefighters were called to the mansion to investigate a report of smoke. According to the fire department, no active fire was discovered. Firefighters searched Washington's 28,887-square-foot, four-story mansion "with thermal imaging cameras to confirm there were no concealed flames related to the smoke they noted on the second floor upon their arrival," the department's statement reads. They found the smoke came from a furnace that was recently serviced and was taken offline safely. Everyone who was inside the home was allowed to go back inside. "There is no fire and everyone is OK and safe," Washington's publicist told Yahoo Entertainment.

Washington's son, Tenet actor John David Washington, told James Corden in September he moved back in with his parents during the coronavirus quarantine. He was even sleeping in his childhood bedroom. "On holidays when I go see them I'll dip back and forth in there a day or two at a time, but this is definitely the longest since I've left home for college," John explained. "It was nice, I got all my old action figures in there, posters, and my most prized possession: I got my Jordans signed by Michael Jordan that are still there."

While Washington was the one in need of some assistance in this case, the Training Day actor was the one who snapped into action in May. Washington saved a man in West Hollywood who was in the middle of the street. When he saw the man, Washington helped him cross the street and stayed with him until the police arrived. Washington was seen wearing a face mask in the video.


Washington is a two-time Oscar-winner and is preparing to direct his next film. In October, Deadline reported that he cast Chane Adams to star in A Journal For Jordan with Michael B. Jordan. The movie is based on Dana Canedy's memoir about Canedy's love affair with First Sergeant Charles Monroe King, who was killed in Iraq. The Jordan of the title is their son, who was seven months old when King died. Adams was cast as Canedy.