Demi Moore Reveals She Almost Died, 'Saw the Light' During Seizure

Demi Moore has been opening up about her life lately, and she recently revealed that she almost died after suffering a seizure that caused her to see "the Light." During an interview with Good Morning America in which she was promoting her new memoir, Moore recounted the frightening tale by saying, "Everyone was witnessing my body flaying. My daughter [Rumer] was terrified she was gonna see me die right in front of her. Within me I was in a place thinking wow how did I get in here? This is interesting. My very next thought was 'Oh I wonder if I could get out.'"

"All of a sudden I was back in my body, it was a moment that I was somehow being given a choice," she added. "I think emotionally it was [that close]. Something had to give. You either go in or out."

Moore says the seizure was brought on by drug use, after she had used both including synthetic pot and nitrous oxide. Luckily, she received medical care and made a full recovery.

Additionally, Moore spoke candidly about her relationship with her mother, who also suffered with substance abuse issues.

"I had to stop and recognize that I had pushed my mother away," she said. "I understand why I did, for the protection of my family. But in a way, out of that self-preservation, I just disconnected -- I decided who she was."

"And when you decide who someone is, you take away the opportunity for them to be anything else," Moore continued. "But if I can't have compassion in my heart for her, how can I expect my children to hold that for me?"

She also wrote about her mother in her memoir, penning, "I've had extraordinary luck in this life: both bad and good ... but we all suffer, and we all triumph, and we all get to choose how we hold both."

"I don't feel a victim to my life," she later added during her GMA interview. "If I had had it easier, would I have had the courage, the strength to pursue the career I have? Would I have had the guts to go and step into something I had not a clue of?"


Moore's memoir Inside Out is available now.

Photo Credit: Getty Images