Demi Moore Admits to Cheating on First Husband the Night Before Their Wedding

Demi Moore recently released her memoir, Inside Out, with the book sharing personal stories from the actress' private life including details about her romantic relationships. In one section of the memoir, Moore recounted the night before her wedding to first husband Freddy Moore, revealing that she cheated on the musician with another man.

"The night before we got married, instead of working on my vows, I was calling a guy I’d met on a movie set," she wrote. "I snuck out of my own bachelorette party and went to his apartment."

"Why did I do that? Why didn’t I go and see the man I was committing to spend the rest of my life with to express my doubts? Because I couldn’t face the fact that I was getting married to distract myself from grieving the death of my father," the mom of three continued. "Because I felt there was no room to question what I’d already put in motion. I couldn’t get out of the marriage, but I could sabotage it."

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Moore also admitted that she had an affair with Freddy before marrying him.

"I was a self-absorbed teenager who hadn’t been raised with a lot of respect for the institution of marriage," she wrote. "And I jumped into life with Freddy without, I’m sorry to say, much concern for his wife."

Moore was 18 when she married Freddy in 1980 and the pair divorced in 1985. Two years later, the G.I. Jane star married Bruce Willis and the couple had three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah, before divorcing in 2000. In 2005, Moore married Ashton Kutcher and wrote about his alleged infidelity.

During an interview with Diane Sawyer airing in multiple parts on Good Morning America, Moore said that she learned of Kutcher's alleged cheating via a Google Alert.

Moore told Sawyer that after seeing the news, she called Kutcher and "asked if it was true." The 56-year-old said that her ex-husband "admitted it right away."

"And I think my response was, 'Are you f—ing kidding me?' That was it," she recalled. "And I think I could barely take a breath."

Speaking to Ellen DeGeneres, Moore shared that she had spoken to Kutcher before the book's release and that she wasn't nervous about the story she tells in her memoir.


"In a way, I'm nervous for anyone who is in there from a point of view of feeling sensitive and putting myself in their place, but overall, no," she said. "I feel so good about the point of view, which for me, this is — I have no interest in blaming or villainizing anyone. The journey in the book is about overcoming."

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