Demi Lovato Blasted for Misguided Tweet About UFOs

Many mistook last night's SpaceX rocket launch for a UFO, but once the company confirmed that it was a planned launch, they calmed down. Not Demi Lovato.

Warning: this tweet contains explicit language.

Lovato maintained that what she saw was paranormal, and no press release or city-wide advisory would convince her otherwise.

Like Lovato, many were confused by the strangly shaped light streaking across the sky on the west coast last night. The LAPD alone received at least 130 emergency calls from people who either feared an alien invasion or a nuclear strike.

However, the launch was common knowledge for those who follow the exploits of SpaceX. The private space exploration program, founded by billionaire Elon Musk, has been contracted to launch 75 Iridium satellites into orbit, which they hope to complete sometime in 2018.

Last night, the Falcon 9 booster brought ten satellites up before crashing harmlessly into the Pacific Ocean.

Lovato's followers poked fun at her for her stubbornness in believing the lights were extra-terrestrial.


Of course, some fans shared Lovato's fervor.

The man at the center of it all, Elon Musk, is having his own unique brand of fun, replying to posts to tell people that they were, in fact, looking at an alien spacecraft.