Deadliest Catch Fans Have Thoughts After Jake Harris Receives Jail Sentence

Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris was recently slapped with an 18-month jail sentence, stemming from a DUI and drug possession arrest, and fans of the show have thoughts about it. In January, Harris was charged with driving under the influence and possession with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance (heroin). Both are felony level charges. The former Deadliest Catch skipper led state troopers on a chase through Skagit County, Washington in his RV, after he'd been pulled over and police stated they believed him ti be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

Now, fans of the show are speaking out, with one saying, "I'm pulling for Jake Harris from the Deadliest Catch. I pray he's in a place he can find help. He seems like a good kid."

Another fan commented that she hopes "maybe he can get clean now," while someone else wrote, "Such a waste. I bet his family is heartbroken."

Harris is the son of the late Phil Harris, who was the captain of the Cornelia Marie, Harris was on Deadliest Catch until 2012, where he served as the Cornelia Marie skipper.

Harris' brother Josh is still a part of Deadliest Catch, leading as the new captain of the Cornelia Marie. In addition to his time on the Cornelia Marie, Harris was also a member of the FV Northwestern crew.

Josh previously spoke with about his time on the show, and his time away from the show, following his return in 2018 after having taken about a year off.


It feels pretty good," he said, prior to the season premiere. "I’m just happy to be fishing again. It’s just a beautiful thing. I had to take some time off there, lost my grandfather, so I took all last year off, and yeah, that kind of sucked. But I'm back in the saddle again, I feel pretty good about it, and things are going well.”

At this time, Harris' family does not appear to have commented on his prison sentence.