David Foster's Daughter Amy Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Iconic producer David Foster's daughter Amy has announced that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Taking to Instagram, Amy shared a photo of herself in treatment and explained in the post's caption what has been going on.

"You may have noticed that I've gone a little dark on social media. I flunked my mammogram recently. I felt a lump and got it checked and yep....Breast cancer," her statement began.

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"The great news is that I caught it early and although I am getting a mastectomy- I don't need chemo," Amy continued. "In other words I feel so lucky and grateful for this diagnosis which could have easily been so much worse if I had waited. So...if you are a lady out there and you feel something in your boob- go get a mammogram."

"KNOWING IS BETTER...even if it's the worst news you can hear," she added. "I will leave you with the mantra that so many women revert back to in order to minimize how they are feeling- but in my case, it really is the truth...I'm fine. Still...#f—cancer."

Foster has since commented on his daughter's post, writing, "Sorry Ames-been traveling so took a while for me to see this in China here - it has been such a ruff roller coaster ride for you this past 3 weeks but I am so proud of how strong you are and how you finally have an outcome that is best scenario of the worst situation-your attitude is incredible and your message is right on point to all women out there-i love you and will always be right beside you on this which you will be looking at in the rear view mirror before too long xoxo."

Many other of Amy's friends and followers have commented as well, with actress Melissa Peterman saying, "You got this. Sending you strength, love, and some extra fierce. You are fine, you will be fine but yes indeed #f—cancer."


"Omg Amy, I am so so sorry to hear you went through this, and also so relieved you are ok," author Alexandra Monir offered. "Sending you so much love and good, healthy vibes."

"Grateful that you caught it early. Sending you love and light and all the healing wishes. Be well friend," one other follower wrote.