David Eason's Photo of 4-Year-Old Son With Gun Sparks Concern Among Fans

David Eason gets so much hate for the things he posts on his Instagram, it's almost like he's [...]

David Eason gets so much hate for the things he posts on his Instagram, it's almost like he's doing it on purpose.

The former reality TV personality, who was famously fired from Teen Mom 2 after posting homophobic comments on his Twitter, took to Instagram to share several snaps of his son, Kaden David holding a gun, which his followers did not take well.

(Photo: Instagram/David Eason)

"Don't come treading around these parts, we train em up young!" he wrote on the caption of the Sept. 16 post, as first reported by InTouch.

Almost immediately, fans began commenting on the controversial image, with one person writing, "disgusting" and adding, "[shake my head]."

Not all followers hated on the image though, with some praising Eason for teaching his child to respect guns from a young age.

(Photo: Instagram/David Eason)

"Yes! Teach them young and they will respect it. My kids learned young too! Hope everything is ok from the hurricane! You guys are awesome, screw the haters!" one user wrote.

"THIS makes u sick? Dad's have been teaching their sons to hunt since the beginning of time. Stop being so judgmental," another one wrote.

"That's how my grandbaby will be raised," a third user commented.

Eason has been an outspoken of gun rights on his social media. Most recently he posted a caricature making fun of those trying to get guns outlawed on his Instagram Story Friday.

(Photo: Instagram/David Eason)

The caricature shows a man being held at gun point, after he gives up his gun.

"Wait! They outlawed guns and I turned my guns in like they wanted. You can't do this, it's illegal!" one of the men in the caricature says.

The other man has a thought bubble on his head that reads: "What a Dumb—"

Many other followers, however, took to the comments section of the post to express their gratitude that Eason, his wife Jenelle Evans, and their children all made it through safely from the impact of Hurricane Florence.

"I hope you guys are doing okay we are praying for you guys," one user wrote.

Evans also caught some controversy earlier this week after joking in a recently deleted Twitter post that the storm had made her "skinnier."

"Besides her error, it's an incredibly insensitive thing to say considering people are in need of food and water," one user wrote.

"Everything she's been saying the last few days is insanely insensitive," another user wrote. "She had an opportunity to evacuate and make sure her family was safe and had what they needed. She selfishly stayed home and is now trying to collect sympathy points. This is a new low, Jenelle."

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