David Dobrik Exits Major Project Amid Vlog Squad Rape Scandal

David Dobrik has exited a major project, amid the rape accusations scandal surrounding members of [...]

David Dobrik has exited a major project, amid the rape accusations scandal surrounding members of his YouTube Vlog Squad. According to Insider, Dobrik has stepped down from the board of Dispo, a photo app of which he is a co-founder. The basis of the app — which recently became available to download — is that it functions similarly to a disposable camera, allowing users to take photos that are not available until the following day when they "develop."

"David has chosen to step down from the board and leave the company to not distract from the company's growth," Dispo said in a statement issued to The NY Post on Monday. "Dispo's team, product, and most importantly- our community- stand for building a diverse, inclusive, and empowering world." Dobrik's resignation from Dispo came after Spark Capital, an investor for the company, announced that it was severing ties with Dispo. "In light of recent news about the Vlog Squad and David Dobrik, the cofounder of Dispo, we have made the decision to sever all ties with the company," a statement from the company read in-part.

Spark Capital was not the only investor as Serena Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian's fund Seven Seven Six also financially backed Dispo. In a statement posted to his Instagram Stories thread, and shared by E! News, Ohanian called the accusations "extremely troubling" and stated that they "are directly at odds with Seven Seven Six's core values." He added, "We have been working closely with Dispo over the last week, and are in full support of their decision to part ways with David."

Dobrik himself is not accused of rape, but the incident is said to have occurred at his house when the alleged 20-year-old victim was there to be part of a video shoot in 2018. The anonymous woman has stated that 23-year-old Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis — also known as Durte Dom — got her drunk and sexually assaulted her. In the initial story published by Business Insider, the woman stated that she had not yet gone to the police, but it is unclear if she has since filed a report.

In an apology video, Dobrik said that he is "sorry if I've let you down," and added that he "chose to distance" himself from Zeglaitis and other former Vlog Squad members. He also said that "consent is something that's super, super important to" him, adding, "Whether I'm shooting with a friend or shooting with a stranger, I always make sure that, whatever the video I'm putting out, I have the approval of that person."

Notably, Dobrik is accused of violating consent by former Vlog Squad member Joseth "Seth" Francois, who says that Dobrik tricked him into kissing YouTuber Jason Nash under the guise that he would be blindfolded and kissed by a woman. In response, Dobrik said, "With the Seth situation, I'm sorry to Seth, because like I said, I just want to make videos where everybody in it — whether you're participating or watching — is enjoying and having a good time. And I missed the mark with that one. And I'm really sorry. I truly, truly am."