Dave Bautista's Controversial Donald Trump Tweet Divides Fans of the WWE and Marvel Star

Former WWE superstar and Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista isn't afraid to speak his mind on social media, especially when it involves President Donald Trump. His tweet posted Saturday was a prime example, leaving the former pro wrestler pleading with God to pit Trump against Democratic candidate for president Bernie Sanders.

"Dear God, I never ask you for s—!" Bautista wrote Saturday. "I'm begging! Please God! Please let there be a debate between [Sen. Bernie Sanders] and [President Donald Trump]! Please!! Please let President Dumb-Dumb stand there by himself and be exposed and humiliated by a decent man!"

He also added that he'd settle for impeachment, but the damage was done for most commenters who drew their lines in the sand.

"So you're a Sanders guy? I'll be waiting for my 'fair share' of your MCU money," one critic wrote, shading Sanders' status as a socialist.

"To be fair, Trump would be trounced by literally any of the top 5 candidates," another added, not willing to just stop at Sanders.

"Regardless of your feelings and thoughts, to openly resort to name-calling at anyone, especially the POTUS. No matter who they are, shows your true intelligence, or lack there of. I used to be a fan. No more, unfollowed," a third wrote, noting their disagreement with Bautista's tone.

"It's not going to work that way. Trump’s supporters will never concede anything. Bernie could deliver the best speech of his career and Trump could collapse in tears and shit himself. They’d still say “[laughing out loud] crazy Bernie lost!' And then maybe add something anti-Semitic," another added, citing the reality of any debate Americans will end up seeing in 2020.

Saturday is far from the last time Bautista took aim at Trump. In October, when fans booed the president during his appearance at the Nationals World Series game in Washington, D.C., the WWE Hall of Famer couldn't help himself.


"What a d—! Props to [DC] for booing that scumbag out of the building," Bautista posted online. "Please leave our city dumb-dumb! [DCPride] [DreamChaser] ... and just to be clear about what’s happening here, people were cheering and clapping for members of our armed forces who were in attendance. And then they put whats his face on the screen and the boos rolled in, followed by the 'lock him up' chants. Yes MAGA Morons! That s— happened!"

Safe to say that bipartisan debate is not in the cards for Bautista.