'Dancing With the Stars': Nikki Bella Reveals Who She Hopes Fiance Artem Chigvintsev Is Paired With on Season 29

There's been a lot of news surrounding Dancing with the Stars since ABC announced longtime host Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews wouldn't be returning for the new season. Fans were also shocked when they found out last season that professional dancer Artem Chigvintsev wasn't invited back. Now, his fiancé and former WWE wrestler Nikki Bella says she not only hopes he's asked to re-join the dancers but says if he does, she hopes he's paired with former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe.

"I'm really excited to have the show come back on air and I'm praying and hoping that Artem is part of the cast again," Bella said, according to Us Weekly. "How cool would it be if him and Kaitlyn [Bristowe] danced together?" The Total Bellas star went on to detail why they would make such a great pair saying that she and Bristowe have very similar personalities and Chigvintsev would be able to handle that. "Why I think they would make such a good duo is because she has such a similar personality to me. Artem would know how to handle her but she would bring such amazing life out of Artem and I think they could create magic on the dance floor."

Bristowe was announced as the first celebrity dancer and, of course, garnered lots of attention after that. Since the coronavirus pandemic shut down so many industries, including Hollywood, fans and cast members, are excited, ABC has found a way to bring a new season to fruition considering the current climate. Bella also shared her thoughts on the matter saying, "Dancing with the Stars is probably going to have such incredible ratings this season, like, one of their top seasons yet because I feel like right now in the world — especially with all of us being in quarantine and still in lockdown — we need a new show that's fresh that we can get hooked onto every week. The people at home, we need something like this."


Not only does Bella want her fiancé back on the show because she wants to see him fulfill something he really misses, but she knows the fans want to see him as well. "People really missed his presence and he's just an incredible dancer and he's always an incredible partner too. He truly knows how to showcase the celebrity and he's an incredible choreographer. I'm praying and hoping that he's back this season," she said adding that "even for him, I just know how much he misses dancing and I know he would love to be back on the show so it would be amazing to see him with Kaitlyn or some other woman." She concluded by saying how fun it would be to witness him shine as his significant other saying, "It would just be fun to experience it now as his fiancé because I've danced with him."