Dakota Johnson Spotted After Working out in Wake of Awkward 'Ellen' Interview

A little over a week after her interview with Ellen DeGeneres caused a major stir online, Dakota Johnson was spotted getting her workout on. According to the Daily Mail, the Fifty Shades of Grey actor was seen out and about in Los Angeles on Friday, Dec. 6.

In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Johnson can be seen hanging out with a friend post-workout. The actor, dressed in black leggings and a Chicago Bulls T-shirt, appeared to be in good spirits as she took a stroll with her unidentified friend.

Of course, as previously mentioned, Johnson's latest outing comes shortly after her interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show got everyone on social media talking.

In case you missed her interview, it originally aired in late November and featured a rather awkward conversation between the actor and the host. At the start of the interview, DeGeneres remarked that Johnson had a birthday party to celebrate her special day (which fell on Oct. 4) and that she wasn't invited to it. But, the Peanut Butter Falcon actor didn't waste any time in setting the record straight.

"Actually, no, that's not the truth, Ellen, you were invited" Johnson responded to DeGeneres' claim. "Last time I was on the show last year, you gave me a bunch of s— about not inviting you. But, I didn't even know you wanted to be invited."

"Who doesn't want to be invited to a party?" DeGeneres responded.

"Well, I didn't even know you liked me," Johnson said, in turn, prompting laughs from the audience. A tense moment ensued as DeGeneres assured the actor that they were on good terms. Nonetheless, the host still thought that she wasn't invited to the birthday bash. But, Johnson insisted that she was invited and hadn't come.


While they soon settled the matter (a producer reminded DeGeneres that she was indeed invited), things quickly turned south yet again thanks to another bout of awkwardness. The host asked Johnson what went on during the party that she wasn't able to attend. In particular, she asked her how Tig Notaro, who performed a set at the event, was. Johnson replied that Notaro did a "bunch of funny stuff" and that she was her "favorite comedian." She quickly added "other than you," but the damage was done.

Thankfully, DeGeneres didn't take it to heart, as she added that Notaro is indeed hilarious. And while Johnson did say that the interview wasn't "going well" at one point, things were able to get back on track towards the end, with the two ladies chatting about everything from Chris Martin to Peanut Butter Falcon.