Cyndi Lauper Celebrates After Viral New Year's Eve Performance

Cyndi Lauper went viral on the last night of 2020 after her awkward New Year's Eve performance, [...]

Cyndi Lauper went viral on the last night of 2020 after her awkward New Year's Eve performance, but she still rocked a celebration to ring in the new year. The 67-year-old shared a few photos and a video with her fans after she took to the stage. "What a great night. Wishing you all peace," she captioned the images, ending with a few emojis.

In one photo, the singer is wearing a face covering with her hands up in the air and eyes shut as someone took a photo. In another picture she posted, she's posing with what appears to be people working behind-the-scenes of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve. She then posted a video of the countdown in Times Square — which looked a lot emptier than in years prior due to the pandemic — as everyone screamed, "Happy new year!"

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Lauper didn't seem to let all the talk online get to her as she celebrated saying goodbye to the tumultuous year of 2020 and hello to 2021. However, the internet couldn't stop talking about her rather awkward performance. Lauper started with a weird snafu involving her makeup crew in between performances. They were trying to touch her up before the cameras came back to her. However, they didn't move out of the way in time, and Lauper didn't shy away from telling them to leave, saying, "I'm on camera! I'm on camera!"

However, it wasn't just that that caught millions of viewers' attention. After performing a duet of "True Colors" with Broadway star Billy Porter, she turned to her EDM-inspired song titled "Hope," and that did not sit well with fans. Between her prancing around on stage, looking as if she couldn't catch the beat, to her off-tune sound, Twitter was buzzing during and after her moment of shine.

It seemed as if she knew internet trolls would take after her because she disabled the comment section on her New Year's Eve photos on Instagram, leaving her fans with only Twitter to air their thoughts. Although her performance was highly criticized, her outfit was on point. She was decked out in all-white from her pants to her jacket; even her hair was a gorgeous light blonde that matched her getup. Taking to social media to share several moments from her unforgettable evening, she also posed alongside Kelly Osbourne as both seemed to be in high spirits.