'Criminal Minds' Star Posts High School Yearbook Photo, and Twitter Can't Stop Replying

Criminal Minds star Matthew Gray Gubler posted his high school yearbook photo on Twitter this week and fans are still laughing.

Gubler delighted fans on Wednesday with a picture of himself from high school. The actor known for playing Dr. Spencer Reid looked quite different as a youth, wearing a bright red turtleneck sweater and a bob haircut that might have looked more at home in the 1970s.

Gubler posted the photo in a tweet reaching out to the band Parcels, a pop group from Berlin, Germany. Admittedly, Gubler's high school look would be right at home with the band's aesthetic, though they have not responded to his post. Parcels has been inactive on Twitter since late last month.

(Photo: Twitter @GUBLERNATION)

"[Parcels] do you need a 6th member?" Gubler wrote. "I have zero musical talent but I once held a flute and I will always share my turtlenecks. (Also, everyone should check out this band)."

Many fans endorsed Gubler's application to join the band, pointing out that he sings well when he has to.

"Love Parcels' sound. Hey Parcel, you should know that Matthew Gray Gubler has the voice of an angel - that has been going through puberty for 15 years," one person joked.

"You could always be their opening act, doing magic tricks and showing them your awesome dance moves," added another fan, referencing Gubler's other high school yearbook photos where he showed off his card magic skills.

Of course, many fans were distracted by the impending end of Criminal Minds, begging Gubler to get on another TV show rather than a pop band.. Gubler has played Dr. Spencer Reid for 14 years now, and is in more episodes of the series than any other single character.


Still, Gubler has found time for other work in the past, so it seems safe to assume he could juggle Parcels and his TV work. Gubler has appeared in movies like RV and 500 Days of Summer, and is also the voice of Simon in many Alvin and the Chipmunks projects over the last few years. He has also appeared in many acclaimed indie films, and done voice work for DC Comics' animated movie universe.

All the while, he has also risen to prominence as a social media sensation. Gubler has picked up a dedicated online following, and they are not shy about their crush on him. Gubler has become adept in the language of memes, and welcomes responses like the ones to his yearbook photo this week.