Courtney Stodden Claims She Acted Like a 'Bimbo' to Make Money

Courtney Stodden wants people to know she is not really a "bimbo." It was all a role she played during her marriage to actor Doug Hutchison, who is 34 years her senior.

"Right now I am trying to get out of that role. I am not that bimbo people perceive me as," Stodden told The Daily Mail. "I went into that caricature of myself to protect myself. I felt I was playing it so people couldn't really see who I was."

The 23-year-old Stodden said she created a "caricature" of herself to "protect myself," adding, "I felt I was playing it so people couldn't really see who I was."

Stodden and Hutchison married in 2011, when she was 16 and he was 50. Although Hutchison appeared in films and TV shows like Lost and The Green Mile, Stodden claimed she was the breadwinner during their marriage.

"My reality shows - I saved our a—es in the marriage. For him to say I'm broke, really is beyond me." she told the Mail.

Stodden said their marriage was rocky, as Hutchison struggled with alcoholism.

"We were dealing with a lot of issues, his alcoholism was one of them," Stodden explained. "It was hard to manage that and it got worse when I was acting like a teenage girl and I was going out with other guys. I felt kind of robbed of that. We weren't handling it in a healthy way."

They first split when she was 19, but reconciled. They split again in February 2017. Stodden said in a Jan. 7 Instagram post the divorce proceedings are underway. However, two days before that, Stodden publicly begged Hutchison to take her back.

Hutchison told the Daily Mail the message confused him, and he tried his best to save their marriage.

Stodden said the confusing Jan. 5 Instagram post was written in "a weak moment" since she was "scared" of being by herself.

"I reached out to him and told him I was having second thoughts, I can explain that and I can take responsibility for my irrational actions," Stodden told the Mail. "I have major trust issues."

Stodden thinks their marriage is over for good, but thinks they can be friends if Hutchison still loves her.

Stodden is now dating 37-year-old Chris Sheng, who is not her "sugar daddy," according to her.


"I met Chris when he was already going through a divorce with his ex wife. He did not leave his ex wife for me I am not a home wrecker," she said. "I support women, I support love."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @Courtney Stodden