Counting Crows Frontman Adam Duritz Virtually Unrecognizable After Shaving Iconic Dreads

Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz has always been most recognizable because of his iconic dreads, but now the singer is virtually unrecognizable after shaving them off. Taking to Twitter, Duritz shared a photo of what he looks like now with a freshly shaved head, and he looks almost like a completely different person. In addition to his new hairstyle — or lack thereof — Duritz also appears to have shaved his beard into a goatee.

The new look is quite a surprise, considering that Duritz's dreadlocks were a staple of his aesthetic for many years. No one has noticed this more than fans, who have been sounding off on Twitter about it.

"Those locks belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!" one fan joked.

"It looks SO good. But, please excuse me while I take some time to mourn," another fan said.

"Hygiene is an incredible thing. Congratulations on not looking like a homeless man that defecates on the street anymore. It's been a long December indeed," someone else quipped.

"Warning: the first time you spend too much time out in the sun, you will burn your scalp, and you will not figure this out until the next time you shower, and IT WILL SUCK," one other fan, who also has a shaved head, offered.

"You seriously look like you woke up and found it that way," a fifth fan tweeted back.

Notably, Duritz is rumored to have been wearing a dreadlocks wig for the past several years, as many other fans pointed out. "You mean he stopped wearing his wig?" one Twitter user asked rhetorically.

"You've been wearing a wig for years now, c'mon man," someone else said, to which another user replied, "It was soooooo obvious."

Ultimately, most fans seem to be on board with the new look, as there has been no shortage os supportive comments.

"Looks great! And looked great before. Whatever makes you happy," one fan gushed.


"Shows off your handsome face!" another chimed in.

Photo Credit: Rock Kern / Getty Images