Coroner's Report Reveals Cause of Death of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Sister

Julia Louis-Dreyfus' sister reportedly passed away back in August, and the coroner has revealed that she suffered from a seizure and an overdose.

Louis-Dreyfus' sister, Emma, was camping in South Yuba River State Park in California, according to a report by The Daily Mail. After examining the 44-year-old, a local coroner has determined that she overdosed on a mixture of cocaine and alcohol. This, combined with a seizure she suffered at the time, resulted in her death. Her passing has been ruled as an accident.

Emma was a social worker, passionate about social justice and ethics. She was also known as a jovial presence among friends and family. A lover of games and sports, she was a lifelong enthusiast of big team events like soccer as well as outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, skiing and travelling.

Louis-Dreyfus and Emma were half-sisters, sharing a father in billionaire William Louis-Dreyfus. Emma's mother, Phyllis Louis-Dreyfus, is the executor of her estate, which is reportedly valued at $23 million.

At the time of her passing, the San Francisco Chronicle published an obituary for Emma Louis-Dreyfus.

"Emma loved the city life and she also loved the countryside, particularly the Sierra Nevada and Teton mountains," it read. "One of her favorite weekend getaways was the Yuba River. It was along that river where Emma died of an apparent seizure while camping with friends near Purdon Crossing."

"Emma was a large presence despite her short stature, filling rooms with her exuberance and irreverent laugh. Dinner party games were a must with her. Favorites included charades, cards, Balderdash, Twister, Monopoly," her obituary went on. "She enjoyed the camaraderie and the competition of playing sports (soccer, touch-football, tennis, softball), drank Tab and always had gumballs and Werther's in her bag to hand out."


"A brilliant, progressive thinker and supporter of social justice, Emma's desire to help those in need is what led her to complete a Masters in Social Welfare degree in 2002 from the University of California, Berkeley. Outside of work, Emma loved to hike, camp, ski and travel. Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru. In Barcelona, she watched Spain win the 2010 World Cup with a friend. With her mother, she traveled through Asia," the obituary concluded.

Emma was also a student at the Bank Street School for Children and the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City. She got her college degrees at Brown University. So far, Louis-Dreyfus does not appear to have publicly commented on her sister's passing.