'Law & Order: SVU' Star Ice-T Calls out 'Clowna— MF' Twitter Troll After Sharing Update on Father-in-Law With COVID-19

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T has been calling out 'Clowna— MF' Twitter trolls, [...]

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T has been calling out "Clowna— MF" Twitter trolls, after they criticized him for sharing an update on his father-in-law's COVID-19 situation. Earlier this year, Ice shared the sad news that his wife Coco Austin's father had contracted coronavirus, which landed him in the hospital. Recently, the rapper-turned-actor took to Twitter to share an update on his father-in-law, and it certainly brought out the Internet trolls.

"My father-in-law, 'Coco's dad' was a serious 'No Masker,'" Ice wrote alongside a photo of the man. "COVID hit him. Pneumonia in both lungs. 40 days in ICU close to death. Now he's on Oxygen indefinitely. Ohhh he's a Believer now." Ice concluded his post with a hashtag for "COVID is Not A Game." A number of trolls came for the Body Count frontman, but he was not having it. "Quite possibly the most whack tweet I ever read," one critic wrote, later adding, "Ice T looks like a certified clown for hitting send on this tweet." Ice responded in kind, tweeting, "Lil Gary, you obviously were born a Lil B—."

Another troll retweeted Ice's tweet by writing, "Basically calling your father in law a dumbass on the World Wide Web." Ice replied, "No…. But YOU are definitely a Clownass MF." He then added a hashtag for the word "facts."

One more troll criticized Ice's tweet by saying, "What would cause somebody to post something like this? It totally reads like schadenfreude on your own father in law. Plenty of 'pro-maskers' have met the same or worse fates. We don't celebrate [people] getting sick so we can have our 'told you so' moment. That's your FAMILY. Gross."

Ice hit back once again. "Clownass, If I'm willing to use a family member that I love, as an example of someone coming close to death from a virus that I assume you think is fake," he tweeted. "And I'm trying to warn people. Then it must be serious to me. Brandon you've got a lotta nerve."

Ice later wrapped up his digital retaliation by talking more smack to those who treat him as a "bully" when he defends himself from trolls and critics. "I love how MFs feel free to talk s— to me... And then I'M the Bully when I simply reply.. lol,"Ice tweeted.