Corey Feldman Says God Influenced His Fight Against Hollywood Pedophilia

Corey Feldman says his fight to expose Hollywood pedophiles was influenced by God. He told Dr. Oz earlier this month that God told him, "This is what you are here for."

During his appearance on Dr. Mehmet Oz's show on Nov. 2, Feldman said he had a near-death experience when he was briefly detained by Louisiana police in October. He said he was almost run over by two "monster trucks" during the traffic stop.

"Me and my security guy were literally stuck on the little white line between the two trucks coming whizzing down on either side," Feldman said, notes Christian Post. "If we hadn't aligned ourselves and had our minds in the exact same place at the same time, we wouldn't have survived it. But I call it a true miracle of God. I believe that God put his hand on me and moved me out of the way that day."

After the near-death experience, God told Feldman, "This is what you are here for, this is what matters," he told Oz.

"I heard this in God's voice. I said, 'I have to put myself and my needs aside, [but] I am very afraid for the safety of my child and for myself.'" the former child actor said. "The only way I knew how to protect myself was to create a film where I can expose all of the truths and hopefully raise enough money through a campaign to get myself the protection that I need to get through this project."

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey sexual harassment scandals, Feldman took his pursuit to expose Hollywood pedophiles to a new level. He launched an ambitious Indiegogo campaign to fund a documentary. So far, he's raised $248,000 of his $10 million goal.

During his interview with Oz, Feldman was also confronted about his 1993 interview with Santa Barbara police after he was abused. Feldman has claimed he named names, but Oz said he heard the tape and Feldman did not.

"We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects," the Santa Barbara Police Department said in a statement Oz read on the show.

Feldman went back on Dr. Oz a few days later to name names. He claimed Alphy Hoffman, the owner of a club popular with Hollywood teens in the late 1980s, molested him. The actor also claimed John Grissom, who starred in License to Drive and Dream A Little Dream with Feldman, also molested him as a child.