Christina Perri, 'Jar of Hearts' Singer, Hospitalized for Pregnancy Complications

Christina Perri didn't hold any details back when telling fans that she had to be hospitalized due to pregnancy issues. The "A Thousand Years" singer was forced to give birth a lot earlier than expected for the safety of her and her child. Perri took to Instagram to ask her fans for some love as she and her sweet baby went through an unexpected path.

"Hey friends. Well, nothing ever goes as we plan," the 34-year-old wrote according to PEOPLE. "Baby is having an issue, so I'm gonna be here till it's time for baby to come out. Which might have to be very soon. Which is very early." She continued, "Please send some love from your heart to the little heart beating in me that we all make it through this. I'm grateful for doctors and nurses and will do whatever they suggest we do."

She later posted a video thanking fans for sending positive thoughts their way saying, "I can't even grasp the amount of love and you all are sending me right now.... We are gonna take it one day at a time, one minute at a time. I feel like I'm very safe and in great hands." Perri and husband Paul Costabile are already parents to their 2-year-old daughter Carmella Stanley, and announced the exciting news of their second child via social media using four sweet photos of their daughter wearing a shirt that reads, "big sister to be."

Prior to her current pregnancy, the singer suffered a miscarriage. She came out and told fans as a way to try and do her part in changing the stigma held against women who miscarry. "I want to continue to help change the story & stigma around miscarriage, secrecy and shame," she said. "I am so sad but not ashamed. I am ever reminded how amazing and powerful women are at making life and at healing. To all the mothers who have been here and who will be here, I see you and I love you." She continued, "When the time feels right we will try again, but today, we mourn our little life lost."


Another celebrity trying to bring attention to the stigma is Chrissy Teigen. She and husband John Legend lost their third child to a miscarriage. Instead of keeping their pain a secret, Teigen took to social media to post her process for all of the world to see. While she received backlash from some online users, plenty sent their love and support for the sweet pair after their tragic and unexpected loss.