Christina Aguilera Slams MTV for Cutting Away From Her Kiss With Madonna During MTV VMAs

The 2003 VMAs were infamous for the moment in which Britney Spears and Madonna kissed while [...]

The 2003 VMAs were infamous for the moment in which Britney Spears and Madonna kissed while performing the latter's "Like a Virgin," but as those in the audience will recall, Christina Aguilera kissed Madonna, too.

Speaking to Andy Cohen on SiriusXM's Radio Andy, Aguilera revealed that she wasn't exactly thrilled with MTV for cutting away from the performance during her kiss with Madonna, seeing as how it led to some people forgetting she also shared a smooch with the Queen of Pop.

"It was weird," Aguilera told the host of the network's decision. "And you know why they cut away for it? They cut away to get Justin [Timberlake's] reaction."

As Spears and Timberlake were exes at the time, Aguilera noted that the move was a "cheap shot."

"It was like, 'okay,'" she said.

Because of the cut away, Cohen mused, "I don't think people actually totally realize that she [Madonna] made out with both of you that day."

Aguilera agreed, replying, "Yeah, because I definitely saw the newspaper the next day and it was like, 'Oh, well, I guess I got left out of that.'"

When Cohen asked the star if it bothered her, she explained that she had her own performance as well during the show, singing her hit "Fighter" with Dave Navarro.

"I was okay with that," Aguilera said of the move. "She could have the kiss."

Aguilera is currently on tour promoting her latest album, Liberation, revealing during her Oct. 4 performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City that her 10-year-old son, Max, had joined her for the night.

"My son is backstage tonight. He just flew in," the star told the crowd, via PEOPLE. "The last time I was on tour, I was pregnant with my son. And now he's back here tonight."

Aguilera added that her 4-year-old daughter, Summer Rain, was there as well.

"Tonight wasn't easy getting here. Summer was not happy about tonight's performance at all, but she finally went to bed," she said. "My 4 year old is dying for me to be off stage so she can spend time with me and my oldest is like, 'Can I go home and play Fortnite now?' I'm like, 'Ugh… thanks."

The 37-year-old also thanked her fans for supporting her new music and allowing her to do what she loves.

"It feels so good to be back doing what I need to be doing, doing what I'm meant to be doing," Aguilera shared. "I feel the love. Feels so good. Thank you so much for letting me come back here."

"I'm so thankful for you guys, my tried and true," she continued. "The forgiveness that you have, the patience that you have, the time that I take with my creative. It's so hard, the mommy guilt and everything. It's hard for me. I care, sometimes too much. Just know that I do it with all of my heart and soul for all of you. I appreciate each and every one of you. It really means the world to me."

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Kane