Chrissy Teigen Threatens to Leave Twitter If Company Doesn't Deal With QAnon Harassers

The Twitter queen is threatening to leave the social media platform if they don't take action! That's right, Chrissy Teigen is not only fed up from the haters, but she's also fed up with conspiracy theorists harassing her. Teigen retweeted a pretty heavy accusation against her and her husband, John Legend, and threatened to leave the platform if Twitter doesn't do something about it.

When someone wrote, "Lord, please save that child from the torment and suffering it will endure under those parents. May the cycle end with him. God bless," she immediately fired back.

Teigen has become known for stiff-arming the haters that come her way online. Recently, one of her followers accused her of either having cancer or dropping a drastic amount of weight overnight when Teigen shared a video of her skincare routine with fans. After the user called her "unrecognizable" and stating that they had to go back and look at the video several times because it just didn't look like Teigen, the Sports Illustrated model fired back.

"What would you prefer?" she initially responded with after the user accused her of either being sick or losing weight. Then once they kept going, she said, "Why are you carrying on with this?? Why do you think I owe you anything especially after what you've said? You know you don't actually know me in real life, right? Thank God."


On several other occasions, she's gone after those who go after her kids. While the beautiful mom-of-two shares sweet photos and videos of her daughter Luna and son Miles, she's not shy about being fed up with the mom-shamers and internet trolls. However, if Twitter doesn't get on it, fans will be missing out on their favorite clapbacks!

While she may be dealing with the haters, one thing she is celebrating is her natural breasts. The 34-year-old recently announced she had her breast implants taken out simply because she was over having to deal with them. The announcement was sparked after she posted to social media that she was getting a coronavirus test. Naturally, fans were concerned she may have been suffering from symptoms, but she simply stated that she was required to get the test before going into surgery. Since then, she's been loud and proud about her new look, and fans are loving it.