Chrissy Teigen Starts 2019 With an Umbrella to the Face in Hilarious New Year's Eve Moment

For Chrissy Teigen, 2019 started with a bang — to the eyeball, that is.

The supermodel made accidental contact with Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones' umbrella onstage during NBC's live New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square as she leaned in for a hug.

The ball had just dropped to signify the start of 2019; while the band played "Auld Lang Syne" and co-host Carson Daly took a sip of champagne, Jones' umbrella knocked right into Teigen's face.

Twitter immediately exploded with reactions to the moment.

"Tough start for @chrissyteigen," Barstool Sports personality Big Cat tweeted.

"Pretty sure Leslie Jones almost murdered Chrissy Teigen with her umbrella just now on NBC. Chrissy is ok, so 2019 is off to a great start," author B.J. Mendelson said.

Even Teigen commented on the awkward moment, retweeting a fan worrying for Teigen's safety and writing, "I'm okay!"

Later, in the morning, Teigen joked, "7 am. Heading back out to time's square [sic] to find my eyeball."

Jones took to Twitter to apologize, writing, "Ugh I can't believe I hit @chrissyteigen in [the] face!! Lordt!! I love you boo!! So sorry!!"

Teigen played along, sending a selfie to prove her eye was just fine. "EYE'M FINE BABY I hug too hard what can I say," she wrote.

After the awkward moment, Teigen successfully attempted a second try at an embrace with Jones and laughed it up with Daly onstage.

The moment came after Jones auditioned random Times Square attendees to see who was the best midnight kisser, having them demonstrate on mannequins; luckily, there were no umbrella injuries there.

Teigen's rocky start to 2019 wasn't the only thing making waves on social media Monday night and Tuesday morning. Over on CNN's broadcast, Anderson Cooper and co-host Andy Cohen took shots at the top of every hour, leading to an iconically epic reaction from Cooper when the time came for tequila.

After Cohen gracefully downed his shot, telling viewers at home to "toast along with us," Cooper wheezed through a coughing fit and let out an anguished "Ahh!"

"It's, like, burning your lungs!" he cried.

"It's burning your lungs," Cohen mocked. "Feels good to me!"


Many Twitter users reposted the footage and laughed at the longtime news anchor.

"Anderson Cooper taking a tequila shot is the biggest mood," one Twitter user wrote. "Anderson Cooper hasn't taken a shot since the Civil War apparently," another said.