Chrissy Teigen Roasts Kim Kardashian About 'Bird Box' Question

Chrissy Teigen never seems to disappoint when it comes to Twitter, especially when she jokingly slams long-time gal pal, Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian recently asked her more than 59 million Twitter followers about Netflix's new hit movie Bird Box, and Teigen was quick to reply.

"Watching Bird Box. I really like it. Who has seen it?" Kardashian tweeted.

Without shame, Teigen replied with, "Kimberly like everyone in the entire world."

Although the jokester didn't hold back on her friend, Kardashian didn't seem fazed by the remark, and in true 2019 fashion, the internet didn't hold back either. Fans responded with hilarious GIFs and memes.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is no stranger to poking fun at herself. Hours after Teigen threw out her joking diss for the world to see, the mom of three posted a throwback video from 2011 of herself chatting about New Year's resolutions.

"2011 is all about doing what's best for me, so if that means, you know, breaking some old habits, then that's what you gotta do!" an enthusiastic Kardashian said in the funny clip.

And who can forget when the two moms teamed up to troll Kardashian's husband, Kanye West, on Twitter back in April?

It all began when the rapper tweeted, "Sometimes you have to get rid of everything," which his wife jokingly took to heart.

Kardashian replied with, "Wait...EVERYTHING?!?!?!" using a raised hand emoji at the end.

That's when Teigen stepped it to help out her girl, offering up her air mattress should West really decide to get rid of "everything."

The KKW Beauty founder responded, "Might need some more for the kids? Just not clear on what everything really means. I need clarity. Thanks for being such a good friend. Maybe John can call and inquire? But maybe he means friends too? This is confusing."

Then the model and mom of two replied and ended with a mic drop, as usual.

"You're right. We are all screwed. I still have the bouncy house from Saturday!! It's a bed and a house in one," Teigen said.

Kardashian then made sure to clarify that her tweets were only used in a joking manner.


"For anyone who has absolutely no humor in their soul please know my tweets are a joke and I will die laughing if I see blogs and media really think I am being serious. So don't even try it," Kardashian added.

Teigen and Kardashian have stayed close throughout the years. In fact, Teigen's husband, John Legend, recently performed at Kardashian and West's home for their Christmas Eve bash.