Chrissy Teigen's Dog Suffers Heart Failure

Chrissy Teigan recently had a health scare in her family, when her beloved dog Puddy suffered sudden heart failure.

On Sunday, Teigan took to Twitter to let her followers know that she had to take Puddy to a doctor right away. "At the emergency vet with my old man bulldog Puddy. Please send him happy doggy thoughts :( my first born baby," she wrote.

Many of her followers turned out to support her, according to Us Weekly. "Let's all snuggle our dogs in solidarity," one fan wrote. "Calypso sends some pupper love & comfort licks," another said.

Finally, one user asked for an update and Teigan replied, "Heart failure but he is stable at the moment — not sleeping tonight that's for sure."

The following day, Teigan tweeted out again, letting her followers know that she was still hanging in there.


There are no new updates on the state of Puddy's health since Monday, but in response to someone complaining about her picture of a Keurig, Teigen said, "Honestly I am not in the f--king mood," and then added, "I'm kind of in the my dog is about to f--king die mood."