Chris Pratt Tees off for Amazon Ad, and Golf Fans Are in Awe of His Fit Physique

Chris Pratt was once viewed as the lovable chubby character, Andy Dwyer, during his time on Parks and Recreation, but his excursion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe required a change in physique. The actor showed that he is still in superhero shape recently with a post on Instagram advertising some of his favorite workout products. As the comments showed, the fans were quite impressed with the results of his hard work.

The image used to advertise the products on Amazon showed Pratt teeing up on what many viewed as a rough golf course. He was dressed in proper attire, including golf shoes, dress pants, and a polo. This shirt drew a fair amount of attention from the fans considering that it was tight.

"Guns on it," one user wrote in response to the photo. Others used heart emojis to show their love for Pratt. Although one fan did try to provide some golf tips by telling the actor to twist, release, and then explode.

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As Pratt explained during a recent interview with Men's Health, the products that he is advertising are those that he has used throughout his physical transformations. He includes workout equipment and supplements that have helped him go from Andy Dwyer to Peter Quill, the outlaw known as Star-Lord.

The eight products highlighted during his interview with Men's Health weren't all focused on "getting swole." Some helped him lose weight and gain muscle while others were critical to his recovery and flexibility. Although certain products were simply used as a better way to do cardio without getting bored, such as the boxing gloves that he picked for the storefront.

"I started boxing regularly right around the time I got cast in Guardians of the Galaxy," Pratt said. "It's a great workout, it's great cardio. Also, there's a certain functionality to be able to throw a punch effectively and dodge a punch. If anyone ever tried to beat you up, it's cool to have some skills. Doing mindless cardio, it's really hard for me to maintain if I'm just on a treadmill or an elliptical."

Regardless of which pieces of equipment were being used by Pratt, the fans were grateful that he is keeping up on his fitness journey. They mentioned his physique or simply declared their adoration with a mixture of comments and emojis.


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