Chris Pratt Supports 'Parks and Recreation' Revival

Is Andy Dwyer returning to Pawnee? Chris Pratt told E! News that like his co-stars Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, he's up for a Parks and Recreation reboot.

"As long as I'm in town, yeah, I'll do it," Pratt told E! News at the Los Angeles premiere of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. "It films like 10 minutes from my house so that would be dope. You can't do Parks and Rec without Andy...I miss Andy, too. I would love it. I know I would do it."

He went on to surmise what kind of occupation Andy would hold in a reboot.

"We'd have so much fun figuring out what happened to Andy," he said, referring to his weight loss and generally made-over look since the bulk of the Parks and Rec days.

"I think [Andy] becomes a weatherman," Pratt said with a sly smile at the camera. "He would be a good weatherman. He would have no idea what he's even saying."

Poehler, who played the sitcom star Leslie Knope, and Offerman, who played Ron Swanson, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month to promote their new series, Making It, and talked about the potential for the show's return.

"I'll speak for everybody and say we would all do it," Poehler said. "I think we would all do it someday. It would be amazing."

Offerman wasn't quite as convinced of a reboot, saying the series would have to grab one of the biggest names in the business if it wanted to survive.

"We said if Beyoncé will play the mayor, we'll bring the show back," Offerman said.

All of Parks and Rec's core cast members have gone on to make even bigger names for themselves, such as Pratt, Aubrey Plaza (starring in the FX X-Men series Legion), Aziz Ansara (creator and star of the Netflix series Master of None), and Retta (starring in the recently-renewed NBC comedy Good Girls) — making it difficult to align schedules for a possible reboot.

But if Pratt, one of the biggest movie stars in the industry, can make time, fans are hoping that NBC is one step closer to securing a reboot.


The cast of the award-winning comedy has stayed in touch over the years since its final episode aired in 2015. Not only have various members of the cast been spotted together at events like the March for Our Lives Protest and a random get-together shared by cast member Rashida Jones, but Poehler and Offerman have even teamed up for a new TV show.

Making It is a six-episode competition series described as having eight artisans take on projects to gain votes from a panel of judges, including Poehler, Offerman, Simon Doonan and Dayna Isom Johnson. The show debuts on NBC on July 31.