Chip Gaines Shares New Photo of Baby Crew Handling 'Guest Services'

Chip Gaines' latest photo of baby Crew shows him already getting trained to help out with the [...]

Chip Gaines' latest photo of baby Crew shows him already getting trained to help out with the family business.

The adorable snap posted on Friday featured the sweet baby staring directly at the camera with a pacifier in his mouth, a telephone headset on his head and some issues of Magnolia Journal.

"Thank you for calling [Magnolia], how can I help you?" Gaines captioned the photo along with the hashtag "Guest Services."

(Photo: Instagram/Chip Gaines)

The new photo of the baby, who Gaines and Joanna welcomed back in June, had fans of the Fixer Upper family going crazy in the comments section.

"Ohh, he is so cute and sweet," one user wrote on Instagram.

"Oh that's just mean... how's this lil fella gonna keep up with all the demands of kisses, giggles n snuggles," another user commented.

"Already in training, he is so adorable God Bless your beautiful family," a third user said.

"You two make the most beautiful children and little humans," the commenter added.

The parents' social media followers have not always been kind with their words though, as a recent photo released by Joanna had commenters starting a debate on vaccinations.

"Don't vaccinate your baby!" one commenter wrote in a photo Joanna had sent featuring the baby and Chip Gaines at a doctor's visit.

"Vaccines are dangerous and if people love their kids they won't inject them with these poisons," another follower wrote.

"it's no one's business what their thoughts are on vaccines," one commenter wrote. "[Joanna] is posting an adorable picture of Chip and the baby, saying only 'weigh-in day.' Thank you, Jo, for sharing and posting this beautiful picture."

Gaines and Joanna have been more open about baby Crew growing up, sharing many photos of him on social media. Before Crew, the Gaines' were more private, never sharing photos of their kids face on their platforms. They share Drake, 13, Duke, 9, Emmie, 8, and Ella.

The family starred in HGTV's fan-favorite show Fixer Upper for five seasons from 2013 and April 2018. They are now focusing more on their Magnolia businesses, and Joanna has a book — Homebody — expected to be released in the coming months.

"It's not really all about decorating or even a specific style... it's about your story," Joanna said on Instagram in August. "My hope is that this book isn't just pages filled with pretty pictures but that it is a guide that helps you create a home and space that you truly love."

Photo credit: Getty Images