'Chicago P.D' Star Marina Squerciati Claims Late Millionaire Mogul Was Her Father, Seeks Inheritance

Chicago P.D. actress Marina Squerciati is fighting to be included in the late John R. Jakobson's will after she claims the millionaire mogul was her father and promised she would receive a portion of his $100 million fortune. Jakobson passed away at the age of 86 in April of 2017 and failed to include her in his estate. Now, according to Radar Online, Squerciati is taking action to secure their inheritance, as the mogul's four other children from previous marriages, including Friends actress Maggie Wheeler, were included in the will.

In new court documents submitted to Manhattan Surrogate Court, the 37-year-old actress alleges that Jakobson welcomed Squerciati in August of 1981 following a year-long affair with her mother and his mistress Marie, who wrote for TV, the Village Voice, and the New York Times. Jakobson, who in 1955 became one of the youngest people to ever buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, allegedly paid for Squerciati's nanny and private school tuition at Dalton and Northwestern University in exchange for their silence.

"I'm a gentleman and you may read into that only good," John R. Jakobson allegedly told Marie in 1981 of their daughter. He also allegedly promised that their daughter would get a "big surprise" in his will, though after his passing, they learned that he had failed to include Squerciati or his other illegitimate children in his will. Meanwhile, the millionaire's other children were included.

According to Jakobson's widow, Joan Jakobson, he was unaware of his alleged love child and only found out about Squerciati when she was left out of the will. Their son, Nicholas Jakobson is also seeking to bar the actress from testifying about the alleged promise Jakobson made, of which there is no written evidence, by applying New York's "dead man's statute." The statute, meant to protect a person's estate from false claims by the living, prevents those with a self-serving interest from testifying about their communications with the deceased.

After the actress first alleged to be the mogul's daughter in August of 2018, Nicholas' lawyers claimed that her request to benefit from Jakobson's estate "amounts to nothing more than an avaricious attempt to enforce an alleged, vague oral promise made to [her] mother, rather than to herself, and which resulted in no legally recognizable injury to her."


They also reportedly offered her $50,000, arguing that she had "ample opportunity as an adult" to make sure that Jakobson included her in his will.

Estate lawyers are also refusing to recognize Squerciati as Jakobson's child.