Chelsea Handler Compares California Wildfire to Donald Trump, Twitter Lashes Out

Chelsea Handler has always been outspoken of President Donald Trump, and her latest comments concerning him have been met with major blowback.

Handler took to Twitter to let her followers know that she had to evacuate her California home during to the wildfire affecting the area. Additionally, she tacked on a comparison that conservative Twitter users did not appreciate.

"Just evacuated my house," Handler wrote. "It's like Donald Trump is setting the world on fire. Literally and figuratively. Stay safe everyone. Dark times."

The Netflix personality comparing the natural disaster to Trump's presidency isn't out of character for her, but it still caused a commotion.

Conservative users flooded her replies with snarky and savage comebacks.

"It's going to be much hotter where you're going," one user wrote. "Might as well stay and get used to the heat."

Another added, "Trump is living rent free in your head. It's okay though. I'm sure there's plenty of space in there."


See some of the reactions below.

Photo Credit: Netflix / Adam Rose