Charlie Sheen Speaks out About Escort He Allegedly Exposed to HIV

Charlie Sheen has now spoken out about the escort who claims that he allegedly exposed her to HIV.

According to TMZ, Sheen says the woman is a "professional hooker party girl" who has been with "hundreds, if not thousands" of men. He also states that she was made aware of his HIV positive diagnosis the first time they met.

Sheen also goes on to accuse the woman of "stalking" his home, as well as the home of his father, Martin Sheen, and adds that she signed an NDA which requires her to not speak about their encounters and to settle all issues in arbitration.

Sheen was originally identified as the defendant of the case, previously being known only as "confidential male defendant" who "is said to have learned he was HIV positive in 2011."

Additionally, the suit claims the "confident male" gave "national TV interviews about his HIV status on Nov. 17, 2015, and June 21, 2016."

Sheen did learn in 2011 that he was HIV positive, and he also publicly revealed that fact on NBC's The Today Show on Nov. 17, 2015. Then again, on June 21, 2016, Sheen went on The Today Show to give an update on his health.

The ex who filed the suit is also not named. She is only identified as "Jane Doe," and is described to be a "Russian émigré." According to the contents of the lawsuit, Jane Doe met Sheen in September of 2015, and they very quickly began to have a sexual relationship.

She claims to have asked him if he had any STDs and he continually reassured her that he was "fine." Doe also says that they used latex condoms at first, but did have unprotected oral sex.

She alleges that they had unprotected sex for the first time on Oct. 26, 2015. Afterward, she claims that Sheen revealed to her that he was HIV positive, and gave her pills that were designed to prevent transmission.

Doe then became upset and worried and went out the very next day to seek medical treatment. She claims that she was told that she would have to be put on a dosage of antiretroviral medication for many weeks.

Not long after, per the suit, Doe and Sheen fought about the incident. He reportedly blamed her for the entire thing and said that it was "noble" of him to inform her of his HIV in the first place.

Sheen also allegedly said he had not told her sooner because it was "none of [her] f—ing business," and that the medication she'd been given by doctors was not necessary, adding that she shouldn't believe "the convenient rumors of the medical community."

He also made strange statements, allegedly, which included him saying that the "Apocalypse" had "cleansed" her soul and that he had the ability to "see the future," which revealed to him that she would be fine.


The suit quotes him as saying, "This is more about … not if, but when you do come down with this [HIV], that we're together and at least we have each other."

This isn't the first time Sheen has been sued for the same allegations, as back in 2015, a different ex-girlfriend accused him of the same thing.