Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows off Massive Home Feature and Fans Cannot Get Enough

Celebrity homes almost always leave fans in awe, but one feature in Catherine Zeta-Jones' home is [...]

Celebrity homes almost always leave fans in awe, but one feature in Catherine Zeta-Jones' home is currently all the buzz on social media. On Sunday, the 51-year-old actress, who was recently announced to be joining the cast of Fox's Prodigal Son Season 2, sparked plenty of conversation when she gave fans a glimpse into her massive closet.

The peek inside of her home came via a video shared to her Instagram account showing her modeling a few outfits for her 3.6 million followers. In the video, set to Madonna's "Vogue" and captioned, "When in doubt, turn your closet into a runway!!" Zeta-Jones could be seen strutting down the length of her closet, first in a blue dress and then in a pair of black-and-white striped pants and a matching black top. While the actress certainly impressed fans with her style, all eyes seemed to be on the room itself, which features more than enough space for a massive wardrobe.

Almost as soon as the video was shared, the comments began rolling in, with one person taking to the comments section to write, "your closet is the stuff of dreams." Several people couldn't help but comment on the size, with one person joking that their "closet only lets me walk in about 6 inches," while another quipped, "my first apartment wasn't that big!" Several people even said they "thought that was the kitchen," with Zeta-Jones replying to one such comment with, "another great spot."

As the buzz continues on the post, PureWow notes that this is not the first time the actress has given fans a glimpse into her impressive closet. Back in February 2017, Zeta-Jones took to the social media platform with a video showcasing "a zip through my closet!" That video, which generated just as vibrant a response, saw Zeta-Jones giving up-close looks at the items in her closet.

While Zeta-Jones may have an impressive closet, she is not immune to wardrobe malfunctions. In fact, the actress narrowly avoided a wardrobe malfunction at the Golden Globes, a debacle she recently opened up about when speaking to PEOPLE. The actress revealed that as she was getting into the car to head to the event, the zipper on her "fabulous dress" broke and "the makeup artist had to go and get a black piece of cotton from housekeeping at the hotel and sew me into it."